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Privacy Policy

The VPB endeavors to collect only the minimum amount of information needed to provide services. The following information may automatically be collected and stored:

The collected information is used to improve the content and to help the VPB understand how people are using the pages.

If a visitor sends the VPB an e-mail message, the e-mail address and contents of the message, including any file attachments, will be collected. This may be so the VPB can respond to the visitor, to address any identified issues, to further improve the website, or to forward the message to another agency for appropriate action.

The VPB does collect personal information directly from individuals who subscribe to the website's services, complete forms, or participate in surveys. Collecting personal information is necessary in order for the VPB to deliver the services requested. The VPB only collects, retains and uses personal information where it is essential to administer business and to provide products, services and other opportunities requested by the customers.

The VPB is subject to the requirements for administering information systems as established in the Government Data Collection and Dissemination Practices Act, Chapter 38 of Title 2.2 of the Code of Virginia (§ 2.2-3800 and 2.2-3803). Any personal information that is collected and retained is maintained in compliance with the Code of Virginia, § 2.2-3800 and 2.2-3803. Web pages that appear after they are clicked may be controlled by a different agency or entity whose practices are not under VPB’s control.


Cookies are small files either stored on a server or sent back to a visiting computer. In certain applications user information is stored as cookies, which are then sent back to and stored on the user's computer.

Cookies may be used to customize the information presented. Cookies are used to aggregate site usage information to help us the VPB improve the visitors' experience.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

The Virginia Parole Board currently receives Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exemption under Virginia Code 2.2-3703.

The Code states:

The Virginia Parole Board, except that (i) information from the Virginia Parole Board providing the number of inmates considered by such Board for discretionary parole, the number of inmates granted or denied parole, and the number of parolees returned to the custody of the Department of Corrections solely as a result of a determination by such Board of a violation of parole shall be open to inspection and available for release, on a monthly basis, as provided by § 2.2-3704 and (ii) all records concerning the finances of the Virginia Parole Board shall be public records and subject to the provisions of this chapter. The information required by clause (i) shall be furnished by offense, sex, race, age of the inmate, and the locality in which the conviction was obtained, upon the request of the party seeking the information;

The information that does not receive exemption from FOIA is provided at the following locations:


The VPB website has links to other websites. These include links to websites operated by other government agencies, nonprofit organizations and private businesses. When a visitor links to another site, he or she will no longer be on the VPB website and this policy will not apply. When linking to another website, the visitors are subject to the privacy policy of that new site. Reference on those websites to any specific commercial product, process or service by trade name, trademark or other mark does not constitute or imply endorsement, recommendation or favoring by the VPB or Commonwealth of Virginia.

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