Public Hearings

Per Virginia Code 53.1-136: Beginning July 1, 2024, when the Board is inclined to grant discretionary parole or geriatric conditional release, the Parole Board will meet with those offenders by video conference. The Board will provide a list of cases that will be discussed at least three days prior to the scheduled meeting/interview and the list will be available on our website.


During a public hearing the Board will listen to an inmate discuss their institutional record to include their history, physical and mental condition and character, conduct, employment and any rehabilitative or educational classes taken during their incarceration. The Board will also listen to a victim(s) who chooses to participate in the public hearing. Factors such as the inmate's behavior, rehabilitation progress, and potential risk to society are carefully evaluated to make an informed decision about granting parole.


Starting July 1, 2024, the Virginia Parole Board will be required to convene a public meeting when conducting the final deliberation and vote regarding whether the Board will grant parole to a prisoner. Victim(s) shall be permitted to attend and participate in such public meeting. Participation in a public parole meeting is not mandatory and entirely at the discretion of the victim(s). Not all parole eligible inmates will have a public meeting. Please note that victims may continue to schedule Board Appointments as well as to submit any letters with regard to an offender's release and all information given to the Board remains confidential. For further information regarding public hearings, please contact the Victim Input Unit (804)-887-8184.

January 01, 0001 | 12:00 a.m. Start Time

Inmates to be Heard

There are no public meetings at this time