Victim Services

Crime has a tremendous impact on victims, their family and friends, and the community. Victims can feel confused and overwhelmed when confronted with the criminal justice system. The Victim Services staff is dedicated to making victims, their families, and other concerned citizens feel welcome in the parole process, answering questions about parole, and ensuring their views and concerns reach Parole Board members prior to the parole decision.

The Victim's Role in the Process

The Virginia Parole Board welcomes input from crime victims, family and friends of victims, and the community concerning the impact that the release of any offender would have on them. Crime victims, their families or concerned citizens may present the physical, emotional, and economic impact of the crime. All information received is confidential and will be considered by the Board in making its decision.

Virginia Code Section 53.1-155 requires the Board to endeavor diligently to contact the victim prior to making any decision to release any offender on discretionary parole.

Victim Notification

The Parole Board and Victim Input Program encourage all crime victims to register with Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) system. VINE is a toll-free, 24-hour computer-based telephone service that provides victims of crime information and notification about offenders who are in the custody of the Virginia Department of Corrections. Automated calls will provide victims with notification of an offender’s release, transfer, escape, or if the offender becomes eligible for parole. All information is confidential.

Victims can register for VINE at the Virginia Department of Corrections website.

Victim Input Program

Submit Opposition Letters or Other Information

The Victim Input Program receives and processes opposition letters and other information submitted by crime victims and concerned citizens. When submitting correspondence to the Victim Input Program, it is important to include the offender's name and Virginia Department of Corrections' seven digit offender number.

Opposition letters and other information can be sent to:

Victim Input Program
Virginia Parole Board
6900 Atmore Drive
RichmondVA 23225
Fax Number:  804-674-3284

Request to Appear in Person or for a Telephone Appointment

The Virginia Parole Board provides victims of crime, family and friends of victims, and the community the opportunity to appear in person before the Board or to have a telephone appointment. The Board also accepts requests for special conditions when an offender is released; this includes, but is not limited to, having no contact with the victim.

To schedule an appointment or speak to someone about requesting special release conditions, please contact the Victim Input Program toll free at 800-560-4292 or 804-674-3081.